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Eureca analysts can leverage the knowledge and expertise gained through its market research activities to provide specialised and bespoke consulting services in the areas of digital audio and multimedia delivery.

Our personnel have many years of consulting experience and are regularly invited to speak at international conferences and provide comment in the world’s media.

Eureca can provide a range of custom consulting services as follows:

Primary research

Competitor analysis and positioning

Market strategy and segmentation

Business strategy and planning

Product strategy

Technology assessment and selection

Regulation and policy advice

Due diligence analysis

Forecasting models

Benchmarking best practice

Eureca’s areas of specialisation can be divided into the following main categories:

A. Broadcast radio

Eureca Research provides specialist knowledge and expertise covering all aspects of digital broadcast radio covering all standards ranging from:

Eureka-147-based audio standards (DAB/DAB+/T-DMB Audio)

Eureka-147-based video standards (T-DMB)


American IBOC/HD Radio

Japanese ISDB-TS standards.


Key Strengths:

Detailed knowledge of state of digital radio markets in numerous countries, including spectrum availability, deployment plans, receiver penetration and regulatory issues

Development and compilation of 5-year pan-European and global forecasts of digital radio receiver growth and penetration
B. Internet or IP delivered radio


Eureca Research provides specialist knowledge and expertise covering all aspects of radio listening via IP including:

Latest developments in listening via radio apps, including app features, impact of app interactivity, visual content, radio consumption statistics, etc.

Measuring and monetising mobile radio app usage

Wi-Fi radio and desktop listening

IP radio listening in vehicles (via in-car systems or via connected smartphones)

Impact of social media and interaction with online streaming music services

IP radio advertising market (display, audio, video ads), targeted advertising

Penetration and growth of IP delivered radio services in various European countries

IP radio measurement and plans for national measurement systems in various European countries


C. Streaming music services

Compilation of data and statistics on streaming music services such as Pandora, Slacker, Deezer,, Rhapsody, Spotify plus emerging cloud music services Apple iTunes Match, Google Music, Amazon Cloud Drive, Sony Music Unlimited, etc.

User and service features (similarities and differences)

Listening and subscription plans

Monetising mobile streaming

Subscribers and revenues

Music royalties and streaming costs

Music catalogues and geographical availability

Listening habits and statistics

In-depth knowledge of streaming music market in numerous European countries, including detailed knowledge of established and emerging indigenous and international players

In-depth knowledge of streaming music service on mobile platforms

D. Radio listening and Consumption

Compilation of radio listening statistics across numerous European and North American countries:

Daily and weekly reach statistics

Average listening time per head (split by age demographics)

Listening by platform:






Digital (DAB/DAB+, DTV, Internet radio)



Mobile listening (FM, radio apps)

Listening by location (home, car, work)

Digital radio penetration

Listening to webradio – via desktop devices, Wi-Fi radio and mobile phone devices


Examples of past consulting assignments:

Digital Audio Consumption Trends on New Media Platforms
This project looked at the listening habits and consumption trends (both live and on-demand) of radio music and streaming music content on various digital platforms and the likely future impact of streaming music services on traditional radio listening.

The Dawn of the Connected Car
This study investigated the impact of wireless Internet connectivity on future automotive entertainment systems. This involved identification of key trends, evaluation of various IP connectivity options and assessing the role of in-house versus third party developed apps and app stores. Key automotive platforms and players were also profiled and assessed.

Changing Trends in Radio Consumption
This project investigated how radio consumption is changing across Europe and North America and identified key trends in radio listening (both broadcast and online) on a device specific basis (home radio, in-car, mobile, etc.). The report included comprehensive radio listening statistics (broadcast, IP Wi-Fi and mobile) for six European countries.

New digital radio receiver product launch
Detailed analysis of the status and future development of digital radio in a number of European countries, including detailed assessment of receiver penetration and updated 5-year receiver forecasts segmented on a country-by-country and receiver-type basis. This assignment included a detailed competitor analysis in selected countries and advice on new product positioning.

Media Distribution in Europe
This project looked at various media transmission networks, both wireless (broadcast, mobile, Wi-Fi, etc.) and wired, to identify key factors which will influence media distribution over the next five years. This included comparison and analysis of transmission costs per network type, profiles of key players and investment strategies, strategic alliances/partnerships and market presence in domestic and international markets as well as investigating key issues such as spectrum availability, impact of alternative technologies, regulatory issues, etc.

Mobile TV study
This study involved a detailed pan-European study on the deployment potential of broadcast mobile TV in 14 European countries. This included detailed comparisons of various mobile TV technologies (Eureka-147 T-DMB, DVB-H, etc) and their suitability and likely deployment in various countries. Also spectrum availability and country specific market and regulatory issues were investigated in detail.

Future of DAB/DAB+ in Europe
Identification of the issues inhibiting the adoption and growth of digital broadcast radio via Eureka-147 DAB/DAB+ in key European countries and the establishment of a prioritised plan of action to encourage adoption and accelerate growth.

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Freelance Report Writers ...
Eureca is looking for suitably qualified analysts to write research reports in the field of digital radio, mobile TV and data broadcasting.
Contact: Gareth Owen

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